A Sustainable Philosophy
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The Studio

“You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural and enjoyable”
- Deepak Chopra

The studio is located on Hollingdean road inside the much desired creative warehouse Rodhus creative studios, neighbour to around 30 different diverse creative projects, it’s a private studio working by appointment only and offering a slower pace for clients higher quality of service and greater attention to detail.

A Sustainable Philosophy

My consultations are an opportunity for my clients to develop a real connection to their ideas, delve deep into themselves and move forward with a design that they will treasure for years to come.

After studying a permaculture design course at Stammer Park, the questions came hard and fast and it was time for a change, it was time to go back to the start, slow right down and highlight what was going wrong. The tools, materials, procedure, and venue everything needed re-evaluating. So I completed a practical horticulture course and started looking at ways in which my studio could not just be environmentally sustainable but promote the environment and context it was set in.

Eco-Friendly Tattoos

I source many of my eco-friendly tattoo supplies from Greenhouse tattoo supplies a wonderful company that has really helped build my sustainable vision.

I could see the environmental impact that the byproducts of the tattoo industry was having. The soot from fossil fuels is used to make the black ink (ci77266) in a lot of mainstream tattoo studios. Single use plastic is used for the disposable tattoo supplies and the carbon footprint created by shipping all these products from China is substantial.

I could see that things needed to change.

I studied plants that could produce dyes and natural dye making techniques. Gradually the vision began to clarify and other companies started to manufacture plant based plastics for the supplies I needed during a tattoo session. This made it possible for me to bring these sustainable products into the studio and align my ethical outlook with my tattoo work in the studio.

About Me

My private studio is a more relaxed experience than the busy highstreet tattoo parlours.

I spent over a decade working in a busy highstreet tattoo studio, working on over 2000 tattoo clients over 15 years. It was here I realised that the price paid for a highstreet location put a higher pressure on the artists, the clients experience and affecting the quality of work. There was no time to ask important questions like “What actually happens to the waste?” and “Where does my ink come from?”. I began to feel anxiety over the work I was being asked to carry out and this eventually pushed me to setup my own tattoo studio based on a philosophy that honors the people, planet and the process.


View my recent work on Instagram

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Please feel free to get in touch if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, would like to book a session or talk about ideas.

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